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Pso Rite + Pso Spine-Sports Recovery UK
Pso Rite + Pso Spine-Sports Recovery UK
Pso Rite + Pso Spine-Sports Recovery UK

Pso Rite + Pso Spine

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All you recovery needs 

Pso Rite + Pso Spine in night black. 

Pso rite 

The most effective psoas release device to help reduce stiffness, improving mobility. The Pso-rite is a versatile full body deep tissue massage tool.

The design mimics the hand and elbow. Giving you the same feeling when you get a massage from your massage therapist but you are in control of the pressure. It's great for releasing hard to reach muscles like the psoas, shoulders, hamstrings, lower back and neck. 


Pso Spine 

The PSO SPINE is perfect for massaging and releasing muscles to the right and left of the spine.

Many demands are placed on your spine. It holds up your head, shoulders, and upper body. It gives you support to stand up straight, and gives you the flexibility to bend and twist. When your muscles are tight around your spine, this can squeeze your nerves and cause issues in different parts of your body.

The PSO-SPINE is a self-massage tool that can help keep your spinal muscles healthy and your nerves functioning properly to prevent some of the problems that occur from aging, injury, and everyday movement.

The 5 peak design of the Pso-spine gives you different options to apply pressure on your spinal muscles. The stable structure gives you the freedom to massage any part of your spine that has muscle tension, soreness, and pain.

Use at home, at the gym, at the office or at the airport during a long day, a long trip, or any time you feel back discomfort. The smooth, rounded edges design allows you to use the PSO-SPINE on all chairs